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Give your silhouette a new shape. Our treatments are carried out with techniques and technologies designed to achieve effective results over time and to improve localized fat deposits, decreased muscle tone and skin imperfections.

*The products used in our treatments are natural (plants, fruits and flowers), with minimal use of preservatives, and are not tested on animals.
You can buy them at the Spa.

Our experts are available to help you choose the formulas that best suit your tastes and needs.

Sit in the relaxing Thalaxoterm shell and let yourself be enveloped by the fruity prickly pear scent of our slimming gel. The Slim treatment is aimed at eliminating localized fat deposits and improving vascularization. Thanks to the combination of Thalaxoterm Prestige technology with the innovative formulation of our products, the silhouette is toned and firmer in a short time. The treatment ends with the application of a specific cream accompanied by a relaxing 20-minute localized massage.

CHF 194.00 (1h 50 minutes)

The Push treatment combines Thalaxoterm Prestige technology with lotus and ginger gel to combat hypotonia – i.e. loss of muscle tone – of the breast and buttocks, producing a significant natural lifting effect.
After applying the product, you can relax in the welcoming Thalaxoterm that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. From the very first treatments, the skin is more toned and elastic, also thanks to the 20-minute localized massage at the end of the treatment.

CHF 150.00 (1h 15 minutes)

The Halo treatment reduces and counteracts the signs of aging and skin relaxation of the face, neck, neckline, gull’s wings, knees and ankles. Thalaxoterm Prestige’s hydro-thermal practice, combined with the Crystal gel based on sea water and silica, nourishes the deep layers of the skin, producing a significant plumping and restorative effect. The skin is more elastic and toned. The treatment ends with a 20-minute localized massage.

CHF 150.00 (1h 15 minutes)