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Relaxing and energizing treatments
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Indulge in the expert touch of our therapists and choose between relaxing or energizing massages.

Our relaxing massages are designed to accompany you in a state of absolute and exclusive relaxation.
The body relaxes, the mind calms down and all tension fades until disappearing.

Our energizing massages, on the other hand, reactivate the functions and energy of body and mind.
Essential oils help to restore balance through the five senses.

A soothing and relaxing massage that loosens the muscles of the whole body, thanks to the mix of European massage techniques. Ideal for combating stress and relaxing body and mind.

CHF 105 (60 minutes)

The massage is carried out using essential oils carefully selected according to your specific needs. It involves slow movements to allow the beneficial properties of the oils to penetrate the epidermis and accompany you in a state of total relaxation, well-being and lightness.

CHF 120 (60 minutes)

Hot stone therapy, which has been practiced for millennia, is particularly suitable for relieving muscle tension and combating stress. The therapeutic action of the stones is associated with a massage, which is chosen by the operator according to the specific needs of the customer. Let yourself be carried away by the enveloping warmth of the stones and forget the daily problems.

CHF 130 (60 minutes) CHF 160 (90 minutes)

A multi-sensorial treatment to regain balance and well-being. Let yourself be pampered by the warm oil of our scented candles. The slow and enveloping movements that characterize this particular type of massage, accompany you in a state of pure relaxation, intensified by the aroma of candles and heat that immediately relaxes the muscles and favours the absorption of active ingredients.

CHF 120 (60 minutes)

An ancient technique useful to identify the causes of psycho-physical barriers and to rebalance the vital energy. It helps to detoxify the body and promotes a physical and emotional improvement.

CHF 110 (60 minutes)