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Gym for floor exercises

The gym for floor exercises is the ideal space where you can perform various forms of gymnastics, in small groups or individual lessons, in order to keep fit improving your state of physical and mental well-being. Our personal trainers guarantee personalized training programs, aimed at achieving a high level of sports performance or, aimed at maintaining a good quality of movement, avoiding lack of balance and overload syndromes.

We organize gymnastics courses for private or public subjects: associations, municipalities, sports clubs, gyms, etc..
Patients are included in a 360-degree treatment programme, thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals.

It improves muscle elasticity and strengthens the muscles involved in childbirth, to help the mother-to-be to cope with pregnancy and the following period.

A gymnastics designed specifically for the elderly, with the aim of improving musculoskeletal flexibility, posture and motor capacity of patients.

It helps patients to improve posture and control of their body, retraining them to take correct postures and movements in everyday life.

It is based on the neuromotor stimulation of the body through unstable surfaces that allow to improve the control of posture and lower joints.

This is a series of muscle toning exercises, which help to improve circulation and strengthen joints.

Techniques and exercises for muscle stretching. It improves posture and reduces or eliminates lower back pain and tension.

A millenary practice that brings physical and mental benefits. It improves posture, musculoskeletal flexibility, breathing and spirituality.

It is a series of exercises aimed at developing postural muscles. Suitable for muscle toning and postural rehabilitation.