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Salt domus

Our salt domus is a cozy room whose walls are lined with a crust of rock salt, enriched by a trampling in pink Himalayan salt and embellished by a starry sky that gives an unforgettable and relaxing atmosphere.

The path offered inside the Domus salina is based on the atomization of salt and pure sodium chloride, free of anti-binders and harmful substances.

Halotherapy – from the Greek “halos”, salt – is a natural therapy known for centuries for its beneficial effects, useful to combat diseases of the respiratory system and some skin problems.
The presence of salt, with its natural antibacterial action, helps to eliminate harmful microorganisms. The addition of Himalayan pink salt, which contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential for our body, increases the ability of the microclimate to promote the rebalancing between negative and positive ions by acting on the mood, reducing anxiety and increasing the ability to concentrate and physical strength.

Thanks to two comfortable chaises longues, the haloterapic treatment is carried out in absolute privacy and in total comfort. The room maintains a constant temperature between 18° C and 22° C with a humidity rate of 45-55%. The path is suitable for all ages: children, adults and the elderly.The duration of the session can vary from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes depending on the type of disease to be treated.